Happy Birthday Steph!

We are very happy to wish my littlest sister Stephanie a Happy 23rd Birthday today!

A few things I love about Steph...

She's so darn cute.
She's fun & funny.
She has a big heart- and puts up with my craziness.
She is a super great aunt...Ethan LOVES Stoophie!

She is just great. I'm so proud of her putting herself through school to be a nurse. She will be a great one! And if you ever want to hear stories of shock-trauma...Steph is your gal. Working at the hospital she gets to see some pretty crazy stuff.

Hope you have good one Stooph! Love ya!


Tanya said...

love you dizzle! you really are the greatest!

swtelford said...

See, the last picture is how I remember Steph :)

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