One of our favs

Its hard for us to find good store bought chips and salsa that we LOVE. So we started getting Chili's chips and salsa "Takeout". Its the best. The bags of chips are huge and the salsa is so fresh and yummy. The best part... its only around $3.00!! So have your honey stop by Chili's on the way home and you can share a yummy, cheap treat together--and who knows what the joy of a full stomach may lead to... :)


Tanya said...

i love it when i am there and you guys get that. yum!

aunt choody said...

Oooh! Great idea!

Suzie said...

I get those all the time. Especially when you have to bring something to a party or pot luck. It's easy and good. But I can't go in there very often because I always get the Paradise Pie. Yummy!!

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