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{We {heart} Moms}

Mothers. Where do we start?

It was great and inspiring to read all of your comments in the Girlfriend Apron post about the women you admire. I'm so grateful for great women--especially mothers.

I'm also grateful for these little guys. Afterall, I wouldn't be called mother without them!

Today at church I heard a quote by the man who actually started the FBI. I thought it was great...

J. Edgar Hoover, "The cure for crime is not in the electric chair, but in the high chair."

I was also reminded how important it is to live in the present so that you don't miss out on helping, teaching, nurturing, and loving your kids. And speaking of the "present"--we've been out with the cows lately.

Ethan would take a pet cow anyday...

Ethan also gave me this cute card for Mother's Day & more hugs and kisses than I can count. He also said, "Has anyone told you that you're the best mother ever?" I love that kid!

Aidan also made my day special. Not only did he make this card in Nursery, but he slept through the night last night and actually stayed in Nursery for the entire time at church! A Mother's Day miracle.

{Mama Cow} And now, on a sad note. Remember the super-prego cow that I talked about in my last post? Well, as of Friday evening she was a mother.

Ethan just loved this cute little calf!

Unfortunately the calf was born breach and had some complications...

Ethan wanted so desperately to help this poor baby. He probably would have been out there all day trying to get it to stand, walk, and drink from a bottle if we would have let him.

When we came home from church this afternoon the poor little guy had passed away. With tears streaming down his litttle freckled face Ethan asked if we could give it a blessing to come back to life. We hugged and talked about it for a while. Life really is so precious.

I hope whether you have kids or not that you had a good day! Oh! And the winner of the Girlfriend Apron according to is comment #11---Joylyn! This was what she said in her comment about the inspiring woman in her life:

"My mom because she has the greatest laugh and always makes everyone else laugh too."

Well, congrats Joylyn. Be sure to email me with your shipping address! {}

XOXO Over and out!


cArLa said...

awww, ethan has a huge heart. happy mother's day emily! xo, carla

LollyChops said...

awwwwww... what a sweet post!

I love that little baby calf!

Tanya said...

i am so sad for the little cow and his mom.

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