The Wild Woman

{Travel Bug}
Do you ever want to just get in your car and drive? {And I'm not talking about the "postpardum run away" or the "why did I get married" escape plan.} Just the "I want to get away and have a little fun" bug...You'd think that as you get older this "road trip" bug would just bite the dust!

But no. And that darn bug bit me. Hard. And because I'm a wild woman I:

-pulled Ethan out of school a month early...

{BTW--If you're SLC local looking for a GREAT preschool this one is amazing. It was just voted best of state for the 2nd year in a row. I'd highly recommend it!}

-packed up the boys, bags, dvd player & started to drive...

-and it was a long drive, but to keep the boys {and me} happy we stopped at a great place to sleep...

{FYI--The Hyatt Place in Boise is AWESOME if you're ever passing through! It was not only a GREAT deal but totally clean, modern, and classy. Room service was reasonable and yummy!}

After a getting some shut eye, eating, and swimming, we were back on the road again. To help us through our journey we stopped at fun places like this at Thompson Park in The Dalles...

and got out some energy.

And 13+ hours later we arrived here:

where I grew up at 5232 in Oregon. Ahhh, home sweet home.

Its hard not to have a fun time when you are with people you love and miss so much. And being away makes the time you spend together really special.

On the drive Ethan said, "I like your parents. And when I see Trey the 1st thing I'm going to do is sword fight him."

But instead of his cousin, Ethan saw Grandpa 1st, and the rest was history.

I love this place. I've traveled near and far, but there's no place like home.

And we might even get to see this mama cow have its baby! Poor dear. I feel badly they don't have epidural's for cows.

The boys have been playing non-stop since our arrival. Tanya even broke out some boxes and helped them build a fort...and I hear a carnival of cardboard might just be in store for tomorrow!

Today we visited one of our favorite places---Out of This World Pizza. It really needs no introduction...

There's nothing but smiles around that place!

{Love this Lucy.}

So if you're looking for us around Salt Lake, we won't be there. Am I crazy? Maybe. But the boys were actually GREAT in the car on the way and we've been having a SUPER time. So what do you do. I guess I'd better get some bug repellant.;)

PS I will have the drawing for the girlfriend apron soon. I promise.;) XOXO Toad


Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Have fun! I miss home (Spain) so much, I only wish I could drive there!

metal mama said...

that's awesome!! thanks for sharing! gives me encouragment to travel w/ my kids this summer while dad works :)

metal mama said...
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Janette said...

You are right, there's no place like home. I'm glad you posted your old house. Looks so beatiful and green. (things I really miss living in hot, not green Vegas.) I love that you just took off like that with your two kidlings. Does it get easier?
Loved the post!

Bird said...

Reese, your photos are always full of fun, laughter and love!


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