The IronMarge

{The Marge}

My sista' Marge. For those that don't know her you are really missing out. This chick is a firecracker and has so much going for her I don't know what she does with it all. Its hard to keep track of her world travels and personal life so I won't go into details, but she's awesome.

And while most of us may have a goal of running a 5K, 10K, or even a marathon--NOT my sister! She set a goal to compete in an Ironman race. Yes, I said Ironman.

That's a 2+ something mile swim, 112 mi bike, and then a marathon {26 mi}. Crazy right? Yeah. I'm pretty much tired just thinking about it.

Last Saturday was her big day! To get all of the race details in her own words you can check out her blog. But in the mean time you can check out this great picture...:) #212 baby!

This was a huge race with professional triathletes and everything. I'm so proud of her--she really went for it!

The only crappy thing is that she didn't get to finish the race. I guess they have time cutoffs at each transition, and she came in on her bike just minutes after the deadline. Even though she felt good, they wouldn't let her run.

I'm still so proud of her.
You rock Marge.


cArLa said...

i admire her for trying the ironman! i think that she is awesome and hope that she'll try again. great job marge!

The Royals said...

She is so inspiring! I am getting ready to run my first 5K and I look up to those who can do so much more. Maybe someday!

jakenapril said...

way to go, margo!

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