Back with the Berries!

{Next Trip}
Yes, we'll be back to Oregon when the berries {and the sun} come...


I'm a total rookie at photography, but its fun for me to have a new skill to learn! Lately I've been trying new "actions" in Photoshop Elements. {An action is basically a way to tweek photos to look a different least that's how I define it.;)}

I just came across this blog called My 4 Hens Photography was inspired by the photos and her actions. I'd been looking for some new actions for Elements and she had a great selection!

I was playing around with some pictures from the trip & its fun to see how they turned out! Most of the changes are pretty subtle, but it added an artistic charm that I'm really diggin'.

Which one do you like best?


Kristine Mullen said...

Just found your site on Shutter Love Tuesdays. Great pics!

The Royals said...

I like the one with the girl and her hair blowing in her face. Precious!

Erin @ The Little Apartment said...

Great pictures. Seaside and berries: great minds think alike (:

angela said...

What kind of camera do you use? You have a great eye for pictures!

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