Sun Shiney Day!

{The NW}

A newcomer came to Oregon and it was pouring down rain. She got up the next day and it was still raining. It also rained the day after that and the day after that.

She went out to lunch and saw a young kid, and out of despair asked, "Hey, kid, does it ever stop raining around here?"

The kid replied, "How should I know? I'm only 4."

{Quick! To the Coast!}

Needless to say, when the sun comes out in Oregon so do the people! When I heard that it was going to be in the 60's at the coast I couldn't stop myself from packing up the boys. And 57 miles later...

We spent last night listening and watching the waves crash on the shore as we went to bed, and woke up to play in the sand.

Yeah, I'm not so great with the timer...

{Candy Store} On our way out of town I had to stop at the only candy store I can ever remember going to.

This is the stuff that melts in your mouth...

I'm not typically a big fan of salt water taffy...but this stuff is soft, chewy, and oh so yummy.
If you get lucky, you might even get to watch them make the taffy!

But even if you don't like taffy, there's always a white chocolate sand dollar...

or a sweet orange stick to satisfy that sweet tooth.

{I had to admit I loved that Ethan picked this for his treat. I used to LOVE those tasty sticks!}

And then we were on our way back to grandma and grandpa's house.

{Lazy Afternoon}
You can pretty much bet that every ball field in the Willamette Valley had a game playing on it today. This was not a day to be spent indoors. No way.
Dad spent his day out in the shed and working in the yard. The neighbor came to till up the garden with his tractor & then the two of them discussed whatever it is men like these guys talk about. Your guess is as good as mine.;) {And yes, it really was 70+ degrees out there!}

The kids just played around and had a good time...

Aidan found this "bat" and was hitting the exercise ball around with it.

And I can't get enough of this one. Remember pigtails?! Maybe its because I don't have a girl, but this chick is so fun...and funny.

She asked me take a picture of her Hello Kitty boots. As soon as I took it, she made me show her the picture to make sure it was a "good one."

Tanya pointed out these "tree flowers". I have no idea what kind of tree it is, but I never really noticed how pretty it is!

It was a good one.

And you crafters may also be happy to know...I'll be working on a few projects this weekend! Hopefully they'll be worth sharing!;)


Janas Bananas said...

YOu know what I love..Another set of cousins,grandchildren a new generation enjoying swegle rd. Running around and playing and having a good time where the shadows of us being young and free run through those trees and that grass. I know I am lame but my most favorite memories come from that place..It is the best place on earth sometimes...

Bird said...

FAB photos! Love the candy and the hello kitty boots! :)

Siri said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful boys. You're a lucky gal.

Unknown said...

I went to that same taffy place just last summer! Great minds (and stomachs) think alike:)

Unknown said...

That last comment was from me- Caren Tingey Winters~ signed is as my hubby~

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