A Nativity, Young Shepherd, & Real Livestock!

And you thought I was joking about the animals!

Every year most Christian churches and/or congregations have some sort of Christmas Party or Nativity program. Tonight as we were getting for ours I vaguely remembered that the flyer invited everyone to "dress up" in clothing from the time of Christ's birth. So in a last minute frenzy I found some brown material, threw together a shepherds costume for Ethan, and off we went.

When we arrived I was surprised to see that not only did the majority of the people dress up, but the cultural hall {gym} was totally decked out with full size manger, village, trees, a sheep, a goat, chickens, and straw. These guys weren't joking around!

Before dinner our young shepherd and his little brother took a tour of the place...and loved it.

After dinner the live Nativity began. I only took a few pictures, because I got a little distracted. {Pictured below are the 3 wise men...portrayed by our Bishop and his counselors.}

Why was I so distracted you ask? Nope, it actually wasn't Aidan this time.

I'm giggling just thinking about it...

Right before the Nativity program began they were calling for Shepherds. Well, of course I thought Ethan qualified so I told him to follow some other kids so he could be in the program. A few minutes later I saw him wandering around--and the program was starting--so I took him around to another door and told him to go sit with the shepherds.

Now, in my defence I couldn't see who the shepherds were--but as soon as I sat down I realized Ethan was the ONLY child there. It didn't take me long to also notice that several of the Shepherds held papers in there hands which could only mean one thing...a speaking or singing part!

And there sat my little shepherd without a clue of what his mother had gotten him into...

Fortunately he was able to follow the other Shepherds around as they sang, visited baby Jesus in the manger, & went into the crowd to tell everyone that Christ was born. And yes, he did all of the above!:)

I love that kid. During the whole ordeal Bob and I just kept looking at eachother and smiling. I don't think many people noticed that he had joined the program, well except for the other Shepherds.;)

Afterwards all he said was that he sang softly because he didn't know all of the words & that the baby Jesus in the manger wasn't real. And dispite my distraction--The Spirit there was so special; testifying once again of the Divinity of Christ, his birth, and his sacred mission. {All of which I'm very grateful for.}

This will be one night that I'll always remember.


Janas Bananas said...

That is a pretty amazing nativity, I bet those boys just loved it.

Suzie said...

When I was growing up our church did a similar program. The whole stake decorated the gym as a Bethlehem and took turns using the set. It was pretty impressive. We were all asked to dress up. I remember all the old people in their bathrobes. My dad dressed up like a Roman Soldier with the crazy feathery helmet. And your could visit little shops and build toys, etc. Our dinner was chicken salad pita sandwhiches. And of course they had a Nativity Progam at the end. It was the most memorable Church Christmas Party I've ever been able to attend.

Tanya said...

that program looks amazing. it looks like ethan was the star of the show.

Hernandez Family said...

What!? Real animals but a fake baby?

Unknown said...

Actually, the baby was real...he was just sleeping.:)

Jenny Hatch said...

(Giggling) I sure loved reading about your shepherd. I love it that he just went with it...and sang softly. Oh cute.

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