The house made of ginger...complete with pattern!

Yes, there is still time...To get your gingerbread on!

Every year my mom would bake a real gingerbread house. We'd help decorate it--mostly just eating the treats bought in bulk at Winco! Then we pick at the candy until there was nothing left of the poor house!

This year I decided instead of buying a gingerbread house kit {believe me, it was a big temptation;)} I'd actually make one from scratch! Since we now have a Winco which= a variety of bulk candy I was really motivated. I knew Ethan would LOVE it too, so...

I got online searching for recipes and a pattern. I never found a pattern that I really liked, so I just made my own. If you click on it, the pattern should enlarge and you can print it out for yourself!

Then I found this fun website with this easy and yummy gingerbread recipe. {It made great cookies too!}

I also found this simple frosting recipe on the same site:
{Sidenote: I ended up adding water {almost 1/2 cup} to get it to be the right consistency.}

Royal Icing Recipe #1

1 pound of confectionery sugar
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
3 egg whites

Beat slowly until stiff peaks form. Put icing in a pastry bag or plastic bag with a hole cut in the bottom corner to act as a pastry bag.

For those who haven't made a gingerbread house from scratch, here's our play-by-play!

Once the frosting set, we were ready for the best part! Decorating! {I loved that Winco still had some of the same candy that we used to use as kids!}

Uncle Matt, Stooph, Ethan, & I really went to work. You can see by the pictures, there was no messing around. "Game faces" were was show time!

We all know with my brother Matt its all or nothing-- even when it comes to decorating gingerbread houses. Love that guy.

My littlest sister Steph knew just how to decorate her sweet place. {We will miss having her around here! In January she heads to nursing school in Southern Utah!}

And I was pretty proud of my Chex roof...

In the end we had a good time, built some great houses, and had a sugar high. Steph's house:

I love this little snowman--it was Ethan's idea.

The kids are already excited to pick the candy off!

May your gingerhouse house be blessed this Holiday Season. And if I don't see you again until after the 25th---MERRY CHRISTMAS!


swtelford said...

Sooo cute! You are too awesome!! Sydney saw this post and she is now inspired. I on the other hand have too much to do before Christmas and I have a clean maybe not this year. I think I may be on the bad list now. :(

Tanya said...

those look so fun! great job on that pattern! amazing!

Janas Bananas said...

We used to make ginger bread houses when we were young too, then we would line them up on the piano...By Christmas all the candy had been picked off them. Always made for a good picture. I need to start doing that with my kids..I just buy the house every year too...But you have inspired me.

Peter Smith said...

I only remember doing 2 gingerbread houses including the one i smashed into pieces.

Unknown said...

Hey Pete---don't you remember picking off the candy while mom taught piano lessons? Or maybe we were all just stealing the candy bars out of the freezer...

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