A sledding we will go...

Like most of you, we are recovering from a fun filled holiday weekend. We stayed home this year and spent Christmas with Bob's family.
{I debated taking the boys to Oregon for Christmas, but the thought of wrestling Aidan through the airport and on the plane, and then keeping him out of things at my parents house -- it was pretty much a no-brainer to relax at home!}

On Christmas Eve Day Will {Bob's dad} blew up the sledding tubes, loaded them in the back of his pickup, we threw the kids into Wendall's {Bob's brother} minivan, & off we went to a fun hill!

This great hill was no secret {as you can tell from the number of kids having a blast}, but it was PERFECT for these little guys. It was a great, fast ride and the hike back up wasn't too bad. What more could you want as a kid?!

The lighting outside and I love how these pictures turned out. Here's a few of the Ashby cousins having a great time!

{London} He even got a nice "trophy" shiner from the sledding adventure!

{Emma} This gal is a go getter & she couldn't be any cuter!

{Sarah} She's growing so fast! And I love that Ethan is smiling in the background...that's a hard thing to find when I'm taking pictures these days!:)

{Ethan} Case in point...

But I love his rosy winter cheeks and freckles in this one.

Get ready for a ride! This play by play is of London and Ethan...bring back any memories of your youth? I can't get enough of their faces!

{Ethan, London, Will, and Aunt Cami}
{My favorite gift} I have to end this post with a picture of my the best gift I received this year...
I love it. Driving home one day last week, Ethan asked me if I liked fuzzies. I told him yes. So when we got home he made me close my eyes and hold out my hands. This salsa bowl with fuzzies was a sweet surprise. You see, he LOVES his fuzzies--they are a prized posession, and she shared them with me. Ahhh.

Coming soon...New Year's ideas for the kiddies!

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