$100 Vinyl Giveaway & Santa

My good friend Marlynn has a vinyl business called Lett'er Express It, & she's having a huge drawing that I have to tell you about! She's giving away $100 in vinyl product...1 lucky blogger will win $50 & 2 bloggers will win $25 in vinyl!

The drawing is on Friday so go to her blog & find out how you can enter! If you're not familiar with vinyl...its so great. {Its kindof like stickers that are removable.}

I LOVE these snowflakes and told Marlynn I had to have some. They are 3,4,& 5 inches tall and you can do so much with them! {I'll post more on what I'm doing with them soon.} I also like them because you can decorate with them all winter!

They are a great deal now...a variety pack of 12 is only $7 with free shipping!

Here's a picture of a few on the window...

One reason vinyl is so great is that it is not permanent so you can pretty stick it anywhere...

So fun!

And now for Santa!

Oh what does a five year old want for Christmas...a bike? a transformer toy? a trip to the North Pole???
Hmmm. What is he whispering in Santa's ear?

Ethan, "I told Santa I wanted something FUN!" {That's one lucky Santa! No running from store to store in a frenzy this year!}

And what does a little brother want?
To get into whatever his older brother gets--of course!


metal mama said...

cute pics of the boys :)

Shelly Karren said...

Your boys are getting so old, Em! I can't believe it. A very Merry Christmas to you, Bob, and the boys. God bless! xo Shelly

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