I had to post this before I forget. {And yes, I'm packing...:)}

My dad just send me this code {prrvbtr2} to use at He found it in a magazine at Tanya's house & tried to explain what it was for, but until I actually saw it I didn't really get it. And it is totally great. {Thanks Dad!}

Get this--

You upload a picture and in seconds they turn it into a cool coloring page for you to color!

So this picture went from this...

to this!!! How cool is that!

Talk about a fun time! And what a fun gift idea! Wouldn't a little cousin or friend love to color pictures of themselves with friends and family? They also have a ton of other things on the website that I'm excited to try! {Oh yeah, and Ethan is excited about it too.:)}

Once again go here to check it out. If you want to print the picts-- use the this code {prrvbtr2}-- and you have 24 hours to print as much as you want! Have fun & you can thank my dad later!;)


Jessica said...

Thanks Em, I am going to try it!

Siri said...

That IS so cool. I will try it too! Thanks Em!

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