Who makes it?

Ever wonder who makes those TV commercials?
Well, meet my younger brother Peter...

He is one of those "commericial makers" and is a wiz with the camera. He and his co-worker Luke have a commercial that's been picked as one of the TOP 5 in the Oregon "Drive Less Video Challenge" Film Festival!!

But now they need YOUR vote to win! Just click here to watch and vote!

(To vote, you just scroll down and you'll see his name...Peter Smith...click on that video. Its the second one from the left called "Carpooling Through the Ages".)

Thanks! And good luck Pete!! Love ya!


swtelford said...

It was a good commercial, but don't you think our volleyball infomercial is waaayyy better? ha ha!!

Anita said...

Great commercial! I laughed out loud... always a good sign :)

Aimee said...

I voted. Do I get a little sticker to wear?

Siri said...

Nice commercial! Loved it!

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