Fun little roadtrip: Part 1

We just got back from a fun little road to Southern Utah. The boys did great in the car, we made great time, and we didn't even have to stop once!! Here's a few highlights of the pictures that I took...but Marge just got a sweet camera and took some great picts too--so there may be more to come!

Of course, lunch on Saturday at Chuck a Grammies with the Katzenbachs. Ever since I was at BYU (like 16 years ago) if we were ever with G&G Johnson around conference they always treated everyone to Chucks. All of the Johnson cousins know what I'm talking about...Jana, Marin, Renae & Channing, etc....:) Chucks is as nostalgic to me as a DillyBar.

I have to say the salad bar has definitely improved over the years and the scones and honeybutter will always be my favorite!!:)
Here's the scene as we watched Conference...
The "Mardens". Here is Aidan Marden and his middle namesake--Grandpa Robert Marden Johnson. He is one of the most inspiring people I know. One day I'll do a post just about him.
And the Marge. We had a really fun time with her. Ethan especially loved playing with her, going to the park, sleeping with her, eating her smoothies, and just loving her. This is a pict right before Marge took the boys for a hike up "the hill" and I got to go shopping at the outlets!:)

Pizza Pirate Island!! This is seriously the coolest new place in SG ever!! Its a themed pizza place, but not ratty...its more like a cross between the Pirates of the Caribean ride at Disneyland and the Mayan restaurant (only way more cool). Marge "hooked" us up with this place!!
Even Bob and Aidan liked it...
The staff was dressed as pirates, & the pizza was yummy. They brought out potato chips for an appetizer (like chips and salsa at a Mexican food place), a hat, and a few tokens (pirates booty) for Ethan. So fun. Marge's friend Colleen came too...

The best part (beside the cool kids play area where you could earn tickets and get fun pirate gear) was the Cheesecake Factory desserts! Yes, its true. And yes, it was YUMMY.

Stay tuned for more to come!! Well, if Marge sends the other pictures...:)


Tanya said...

wish we could have gone with you guys! looks like so much fun!

Siri said...

Sounds like a great time!!

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