Life as I know it is now OVER...

So much for sewing,
waiting as long as possible to clean the kitchen floor,
and being able to go up and down the stairs without a "baby fence".

Watch out Ethan, here comes the brother!


The Hansens said...

Ah, the mobile stage! I was fortunate that Jarekah waited a very long time before she became mobile. Isn't it funny how we want them to be more independent and we can't wait for them to hit those milestones. Then once they do, we wish they would go back to being sedentary! LOL

Anita said...

Hrm. I think I have baby envy. Connor doesn't crawl. He doesn't get on his hands and knees. He sits in one spot, balancing on his butt, and fusses until we give it to him. He does do a cute little drunken sailor walk holding our fingers, though... and wants to stand next to the couch.

Stephanie Marie said...

I miss ethan and aidan.
come home quick!!!

melissa merrill said...

I hate it when they become mobile! :) Nothing stays where it should, everything is always all over the place! It is a good thing he is cute right!

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