{TT} Water Bottle Label Tutorial

Lately (as you can see)I've really been into this making water bottle labels...


You could make them for any occasion...birthdays, sports teams, bridal showers, baby showers, or any event. They are a fun detail and people get a kick out of them. (Well, at least I do!)

I've had several people ask how I make them so I thought I'd give a quick rundown. Its super easy and most could probably figure it out, but its always fun to see how other people do things...so here you go!

#1 Measure your water bottle label. This will let you know how big to make your labels.

#2 Pick your graphic. I made this in photoshop, but you could just cut and paste any picture into Word. Just make sure its less then 2 inches big. (Words alone would also work great...I made some with a few words and 2 big letters for a Sunday School lesson I taught a while back. They were pretty plain, but the youth really liked them.)

Then copy and paste your graphic down the entire page. It will look like this...


#3 Cut each graphic out the size of your label.


They'll look like this after they are cut:


#4 Take the original label off and put the new one one. Secure it with tape where the paper overlaps in the back.


#5 And tah dah! Your own personalized label!


I also think they'd be great with some colored drinks like soda or juice! Have fun!

Email me with questions if you have any! toadstreasures@yahoo.com


Lindsay said...

So your tutorials, bits of advice, product information, ideas for summer, etc., etc. LOVE IT!! Thanks for all the good advice and ideas.

Tanya said...

yes! i will let everyone know you did this!

aunt choody said...

Very cute!

Unknown said...

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