5232 Front Porch

Today as I took a bite of a sweet juicy piece of watermelon I realized it was probably one of the last good ones I'd have until next year.  Ah. Darn it.  Summer and I always have a hard time saying goodbye and this year is no exception.  

Of course when I look back through my pictures from the summer my heart is heavy.  I wanted to find one for this week's photo link up over at Simple As That and had a hard time picking one.  (And I also realized how much I need to start blogging a big more frequently to keep up with my pictures!)  

I ended up with this one.  Its the view from my parent front porch in Oregon.  The Marion Berries in the field across the street had been picked and the front lawn had just been mowed.  As kids we used to watch for the bus in the distance so we'd know when to walk to the end of the driveway to catch it. (Yes, when you have 3 kids getting on the bus at once you get your own bus stop.:)

So here it is. "5232" is the numbers of my parents house.  It represents my childhood and now the great summers I get to spend there with my own kids.  It may just look like some land to you, but its something simply special to this Toad.  Enjoy. 


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