Easy Fall Decorations DIY

{Fall is Here}
I'm beginning to think that September should be a part of summer.  It sure feels more like summer than fall around here!  So I guess the only thing that may help me think its actually fall is a few fall decorations!

Now if you're not much of the "decoration" type and you may think about decorating once a year...I vote that this is it! Why?
Fall decor is great because #1 it is so easy #2 it isn't associated with any religion or crazy holiday (ie Valentine's Day) so everyone in the world can really enjoy them, and #3 you get to leave them up for 3 solid months!  

I know you're really excited about this now.  If you need more of a pep talk be sure to tune into KSL Ch 5 in the morning (5:45 & 6:45 AM) and you'll see some sweet fall ideas as well as great snacks to make with apples (post coming soon).  I'm also thinking I should bring in a hot glue gun for Grant Weyman (the weather guy) and see what he can do with it! ;)

Each of the projects I am about to show you will have a simple "how to" tutorial that will be posted on a different day this week.  (I'm crazy, but crazy enough to put them all in one post!:)

This burlap banner literally took 5 minutes & a hot glue gun.  Perfect for a door, mantle, or fence...of course. :)

These frames are so easy and you can interchange them for each season!  Here's to not reinventing the wheel!

Spice up that kitchen will a touch of fall fun!  I've posted a tutorial on these cute dish drying towels before, but now I've made it even easier...and added dish rags.

And after all of that decoration we'll need an apple snack for sure!  I'll be posting ideas and recipes using those awesome apples that are in season and I'm sure it will put a smile on your face! 

I guess fall is here.  Let's make the best of it!

XOXO-Emily aka Toad

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