The Tutorial Booklet & Free MWL Printable

{The Booklet}
Tired of finding ideas & tutorials you love, cutting and pasting them into a doc so they are easy for you to find, and then printing them out only to lose them?  Its like the instructions you get with lego sets...which are my life right now.  Its so exciting {well, for the kids;)} to open a brand new lego set only to realize that 2 seconds later the directions are lost!

Problem solved.  Well, at least for my Trey's Owl pattern and tutorial.   If you like this little project you may be happy about this one.  {If you missed it, you can see the entire post of how to make this cute owl--just click here.}

This is a test run.  And if all goes well, this one won't be the last!

{Yours Forever}
How does it work?  3 simple steps.

1) You download and print out the pattern pieces and instructions.

2) Follow the dotted lines to cut out your pages...

3) Put your pages in order and staple the booklet together.  {The markings on the cover show you where.}

Tah Dah!  Your own little "Trey's Owl Booklet" complete with step by step instructions!

{Bonus Features}
But wait, that's not all!;) My new mini-book comes with additional pictures for the tutorial (not shown in the post) and even has extra "Tips from Toad" that will come in handy when you are making your owl!

The nice thing is that when you download the booklet you also get the pattern pieces in pdf form.  Then you can store, print, or do whatever you want with it,  but at least you'll have EVERYTHING TOGETHER and you will know where to find it!

How much you ask?  Merely $3.50. 
You can download, print, and love yours right now. 
Buy Now

So in not so many words...

What do you think?
Infomercial over.;)
{Made With Love}
Well, if you don't need a booklet that's fine.  Maybe these "Made With Love" printable are more up your alley.  Hey, I aim to please.;)

Click here to print these cute circles!
And if you're still not satisfied...well, I guess you'd better keep blog hopping.;)

But whatever you do, have a safe and Happy New Year!
XOXO-Emily +Emily Ashby

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