Easy No Sew Burlap Banner

{Easy Fall Decor}
Do you have a hot glue gun? Tacky glue? Duct tape? Okay, maybe not duct tape...but if you have something that stick two things together you can probably make this banner!  Its perfect for the front door, mantle, or across your kitchen window.  

I'm dedicating this post to my friend, Lori Prichard, who is an anchor over at KSL Ch 5 (SLC).  She is usually the cute gal who I do the morning segments with and she claims she is not very "crafty".  So Lori, this one is for you!  

Its super cute, versatile, and takes about 20 minutes to make.  I know. Let's do it!

Grab your glue, thick string/twine, burlap and your scissors.

Cut the burlap into the size and shape you'd like.

Put the glue along the top of the burlap and then place the twine on top of it.  Watch those fingers if you're using hot glue!  If you just hold the twine down on both sides that makes it a bit less risky for burns.:) 

Continue add the shape along the twine until you get the length you'd like.  Long, short, you just go for it!

And in no time at all you'll have a little piece of decor that you can use for the next 4 months!  Yes, from fall into winter!  Yay!!

(How do you like this red fence? Its in our backyard at our new place.  I have a feeling you'll be seeing more of this cute photo prop. Family pictures anyone?! :)

More "how to's" from the TV segment on Tuesday are coming! See you soon!

-Emily aka Toad

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