Quick Gifts & A Little Peek

{Quick Gifts}
No time to talk, only time to share...

#1) Toad's Easy Owl Pattern. ($3.50) You can download it right now and staple that baby together. Perfect gift for a sewing friend!

#2 Pencil Holders.
Not the kind that your dad's has when he's fixing the sink. This are super cute and so easy you may be able to make them with your eyes closed.  Well, maybe you shouldn't since you may use your hot glue gun.;) Great for anyone who has a pencil or a counter.;)

#3 Easy Apron.

If you have a few more minutes this a fun gift to give...especially when it will be put to good use with all of that holiday cooking!

#4 Wood Block.
Grandma if you're reading this, close your eyes. 

I just made this today.  It required wood, printing out a design on a regular piece of paper (no vinyl used!), and gluing the paper to the wood. 

The quote was my grandma's request.  Yes, she's a sweet, sassy lady!:)

{Ashby Christmas}
And if you're not off to finish those last minute preps, here's peek into our little home. Please excuse the lack of organization...we are in full swing of Christmas and would rather spend our time making hot chocolate and watching Christmas shows than keeping these orderly. 

The boys are at the perfect ages to really soak up the Holidays.  Everything is so fun. IFortunately I only had to apologize once to the Elf on the Shelf for touching him and both kids are on the nice list (at the moment).

If only I could freeze time...

This was our neighbor gift this year...a cookie kit. We baked and then put this together so they could decorate their own cookies! 

Aunt Diane's cookies...

Games and drive through lights with Aunt Diane and family...

Me crafting an apron.  PS Hot glue doesn't quite work as well as a sewing machine when making one of these...but I had to try.;)

A seasonal fave...

Best wishes to you and yours!


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dawn said...

oooo - pomegranate?? no way! Wish I could find some of that!

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