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{Under Cover Elf}
If you have little readers around you may want to have them leave the room for a moment.  You see, your secret about Santa is safe with me...unless you have kids you can read this. 

Two Elf tips:

#1 Use different wrapping paper for "Santa" or some littles my just suspicous.
#2 Use Santa tags that AREN'T in your hand writing.

You can thank me later.;)

I dedicate these tags to my friend Heather...who requested them.;)

Click here or on the tags to download:

{Years Past}
And a little flash back to last year's "neighbor" gift:

And if you need headwear for your shepherds...

{This Year}
Not sure where the last few weeks have gone. I love how the days in December went so slow as a kid. Boy do I miss that!

At least I know what I've been doing on Tuesdays...meeting Heather for lunch at IKEA.  Kids eat free on Tuesday here. (Nice, I know! Just make sure you don't go around 12!) And it was on Tuesday in November that where I heard about IKEA's gingerbread decorating evening.

You sign up, pay $5 bucks, and show up to this...

a mother's dream...the houses where already put together and were all ready to decorate!

Not sure what Ethan is going to bite that house with!:)

I wonder if that's what I look like when I'm intensely working on a creative endeavor...:)

{Grandma Peggy}
We love her. Visiting us for a few days isn't enough.

{And on a sad note, we lost my aunt Carol a few days ago...we loved her.  Its times like these when we realize how truly blessed we really are to have such great people in our lives.  We are also so grateful for Heavenly Father's plan that allows us to see her again. Our thoughts and prayers are with Uncle Jerry and the cousins and their families during this difficult time.}

Not sure what to do about these monkeys!  No, no, the ones on the right people!;) hee,hee

{Winter Waterland}
I decided that swimming is a perfect winter activity.  Don't get me wrong, I'd rather be outside catching some rays, but I can't thank Brandon (our swim instructor) enough for burning a large deal of energy with the boys!  Bedtime is so much easier on swimming lesson days...

And if you missed last year's Christmas Party, well you can see it now. :)  This year has been a little too crazy for that sort of merriment in our home.  More about that later though.

Don't forget to make yourself a nice cup of cocoa, cuddle those loved ones, and watch a fun Christmas show on TV together!

Your Secret Elfy Emily aka "Toad"
+Emily Ashby

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