Toad's Family Photo Tips

I must first declare that I am not an expert photographer by an means. 

I do not have a Nikon D300,000 or a Cannon Rebel XZYSCSzzi. 
Just a basic Nikon D40 with a 18-55mm lens.

However, the past few weekends I've been taking some fun family pictures for friends.  And without getting too technical I have have learned a few things that you might like to hear if you're getting ready to take some holiday pictures. 

But before we get into the nitty gritty I have to plug how much I love photo postcards.  I've blogged about them for the past few years, but I still have a huge crush on them.  They are so easy and less-expensive to mail...just get a 4X6 and a post card stamp.  So once you get that great family shot this is a great way to go!

For more ideas and information you can visit last year's post:

 Family PhotoCards

Here's a little example...

{Color Coordinate}
My 1st little tip for better chances of a good family picture is to color coordinate.

Its great to have somewhat but not exactly the same colors.  Mixing it up a little adds character to the picture without distracting from being to "matchy matchy".  A cute hair bow for a girl can compliment a little guys tie and be super cute.

Case in point: Natalie.  My good old backing Europe buddy and her sweet family!  Coordinated and super cute!!

Note: I played around in photoshop elements to get the "candy" colors of their clothes to really pop...

And actually, you should be able to get some good ideas from these great gal friends of mine pictures in this post. {I say gals because I know their husbands are like mine...and probably could care less!}  They all did a great job of dressing their families!

The hard part.  One thing I've found is that I love when families are holding hands.  Its a simple gesture, but something about it brings the family closer together. 

I also encourage the gals (if they are a little sassy) to put their hands on their hips...adding a litte character and variety to the shot.  (And its also flattering for mom's arms as well...)

I also love when kids are being themselves.  Look at Kyler on the right crouching down and holding his mom's hand.  Also, check out Kason's little hand on his mom's leg.  I love it. I think its the little details that make a  photo special.


Ah, hah! Holding hands and the sassy hand on the hip...

{Close Up}
Don't be afraid of a cute family shot that's not full body.  When I get a Christmas Card in the mail its so great to be able to see the faces!  (And sometimes we ladies even like it a bit better than the full body shot! Well, at least I do!)

And if you can get a good angle where you are looking up it creates a great shot as well...

I could ramble on about this all night, but I'd better not.  Hopefully these few little ideas can make your next family pictures a little less painful!

But before I close, I also have to throw in a few of my favorites... 

 Good luck with those family pictures! Let me know how it goes!

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Dawn said...

Thanks again for taking those pictures! You're so good!

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