Why I Love 1st Grade

{A Few Reasons}
Super cute treats. Oh, and that you get to have treats.

Posing for a class picture with your teacher is cool, and so is making funny faces. 

You LOVE your teachers. (And we love both of ours! Ms. Snow (above) is our language arts and Lee-Lau-Shure (below) is our Math and Mandarin!)

You can pull any costume off...and look SUPER CUTE!

You don't have to follow a tutorial you found on a creative blog to make a cool craft!

You're an All-Star to everyone! 

Anyone want to head back to the 1st grade?:)  Well, I guess that's why they have "mom" helpers.  They think its so we can help out the teachers, but now you know why I really do it!

{Ninja + Pirate = Ashby Halloween}
No Halloween pictures.  Nope, I didn't take any pictures on Halloween...did I brake some sort of mommy code? Well, just picture Ethan in his Harry Potter costume and Pirate Aidan shouting "trick or treat" from the car as Ethan and I went a knockin' and you'll have a mental picture of our Halloween.

No homemade costumes.  I know! The boys went straight for our dress up box in the closet and that was it! Although I did make the Harry Potter's scar on Ethan's forehead. (And just so you know I had to re-do it because I did it "wrong".  I guess I'd better stick to sewing!) 

However, in my lack of picture-taking defense I did take a few of the boys at the Neighborhood Halloween Party they had at the church last week...


And there you have it. 

What a funny American tradition.  Did you run with a pillowcase from house to house and get a big stash?  Or at least get some good treats from someone who did...I hope so! 

And even though 1st grade was long ago, I hope you enjoyed Halloween like you were 7 yesterday.

Love, Toad

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