Birthday Banner Printable & 生日快乐!

{Mrs. Lee}
Li lǎoshī =  老师  (Pronounced: Lee-Lou-Sh or something kindof like that!:))

Guess which 1st grade teacher had a birthday last week...

Yep, you got!

From day 1 I could tell that she was a keeper.

(These are little treats that Ethan to Ms. Snow -his language arts teacher- and Mrs. Lee after the 1st week of school.)

I'm pretty sure that there are many sad children in Taiwan because Mrs. Lee hopped a plane to come teach American kids Mandarin and math.   She is not only an experienced professional and has her Master's degree, but is the kind of teacher you always wanted to have.  She is challenges the kids, is sensitive to their needs, is kind, funny, and smart.  The kids love her.  I do too.;)

And little did we know the influence that she would have on our family...and I'm not just talking about the increase of Ninja moves and "Chiense Fighting" (as Ethan calls it when we wrestle).

I knew signing Ethan up for the dual-immersion program would bring a little culture in our home, but I didn't realize how amazing it would be.  At parent teacher conferences last week Ethan read us sentences in Mandarin and he can already count to 100.  I wish my brain had that kind of sponge left in it. 

And who would have guessed that Utah would be the place that Ethan learns Mandarin?  Not me. And who would have guessed why Mrs. Lee picked Alice for her American name? Not me, but it was fun telling her about the Brady Bunch.  (It was also fun laughing with her about why everything in American is HUGE (including the livestock--I guess even the cows and horses are bigger)... except for the baby carrots! I guess they don't have those in Taiwan!)

And when you leave your husband and family to come teach rowdy American students, you deserve to have a little ABC. (American Birthday Culture as she calls it.)

And you know me, I took it upon myself to help her birthday be happy.  So, along with a dollar tree bucket full of school supplies and mittens, she got some cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth with her face on the toppers, and a sweet little banner that was hung in her room...

And how cute is that face.

{The Banner}
I actually created the banner last year and had forgotten about it!  So here's your latest printable! I dedicate this one to all of you who have fall birthdays that may be overshadowed by a few little holidays.:)

Click here to download the Happy Birthday Banner:

Enjoy!  Oh, and curtesy of the Google Translator:
(Happy Birthday Friend!)
Love, Toad


Donna@My Sweet Things said...

What great learning experiences to be had by all. I love all the sweet details you put together for an exceptional teacher! Thank you for sharing the printable!

JMCS said...

Thank you! This banner is just gorgeous and you did such a great job on it. :)

Unknown said...

Love this! Thank You!!!

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