Dreams Do Come True

{Hello Tooth Fairy!}
Yes, its happens. Dreams do come true.

Last year when he was in Kindergarten Ethan would come home and be bummed that he hadn't lost a tooth yet. And now, in the 1st grade, his class is full of loose teeth, gaps, and goofy grins. Turing 7 a few weeks ago without losing a single tooth was just about all he could bare.

And then Saturday night...

The smile tells it all. So don't give up on your heart felt wishes. You're dreams may come true sooner than you think.;)

{People Appreciation}
If you're in the SLC area be sure to set your DVR for Friday at 4 PM on Ch 2 News...they have done it again!  This silly little Toad will be doing a little segment on great ways you can show gratitude for the people around you.  With a few tips from Toad, pretty new printables, and one of a kind ideas...well, I guess you'll just have to watch! 

Last year's "Thank-ful for You" printable...


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