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{Thanks time}
Regardless of what time of year it is we should always try to show appreciation to those around us.  But if you want to step it up this year and make someone's day here's a few simple ideas and cute little printables to aid you on your way!

{The List}
1st, make a list of the people around you that make your life better.  So many people have thank-less jobs and a little acknowledgement goes a long way.  Here let me help you...

Great people: School secretary, the crossing guard, the nurse you always talk to at the pediatrician's office, garbage man, teacher's aid, bus driver, sunday school teacher, car pool mom's, your favorite babysitter, the piano teacher, hair dresser, etc, etc the list goes on and get the picture! 

One of our favorite people is Aidan's bus driver Kim. Love her. I'm so thankful for her and how great she is with my 3 year old. 

Isn't she cute?

{Get Personal}
Once you have your list, its time to get personal.  The best gifts are the ones that actually mean something to someone. They don't have to be big and elaborate to touch someone's heart.

If you're going to make cookies for the school secretary, find out what her favorite one's are.  See your 1st graders teacher drinking Diet Coke, get her a 12 pack. (Hope Ms. Snow doesn't read that or her there will be no surprise next week!:)

Oh, and photos rock. You can do so much with them!

This is my aunt Diane.  As you can tell, she loves her dog.

So, how's this for a fun little gift!

Super simple.  Or if you have family and friends who live out of town you can always stick a picture in the mail or just attach it to an email!

{Tag & Give}
Now all you have to do is tag 'em and give 'em. Here are a few fun printables that might help!

Just click on the picture to download the tag.

There you go!

Just remember, the most important thing is to just say Thanks. 

So, THANKS for being so great! Yes, YOU!:)

Your Toady


Ben said...

I love your tag ideas! They would look great for my museummuseum in dc. Thoughts?

Unknown said...

Love these! Thanks for linking them, I bookmarked this page for next year! btw: I'm a new follower! I just found your blog & would love it if we followed each other! Can't wait to check out the rest of your posts!


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