Only Until Monday

{Little Treat}
Let's celebrate!  Its taken me forever, but I've finally updated my Car Seat Blanket Pattern and Tutorial!  The pattern pieces are now digitized and I'm convinced that anyone can follow my revised step-by-step picture tutorial.

Its great. You just print out the pages, tape them together, cut the them out, and follow my easy instructions to make the blanket!

In honor of my excitement my new pattern is on sale and I'm going to give 5 FREE patterns away for the first 5 people who make comments on this post!  Just a little treat for those who frequent my blog.  {If you are one of the lucky 5 just email me and I'll send you the pattern via email.}

{Pattern Sale $5}
Sorry Etsy.  The pattern is only on sale until Monday {November 15} and is only for people who download it from my blog! 

Click here to get yours:
Buy Now

{About the Blanket}
If you haven't seen this blanket you have to check out my post about it.  I love it.  Its NOT a cover, but a blanket that can fit into your car seat or stroller {anything with a 5 point harness} and will snuggle your baby right up!

And if babies aren't your thing maybe you can just work on your Holiday Greeting Cards!

Well, unless  you happen to be
comment #1 MAGGIE
or comment #6 JESSICA!
You guys won the free holiday postcards from my last post! Nice Job Ladies!
{Just email me which card option you'd like as well as a JPG photo you'd like to use and I'll hook you up!}

And I've been having some fun with these cards! 
Look how great this cute family's card turned out! Love it.



Sarah Louise said...

Ooo! I'm the first comment(er) on this post! Yay! I would LOVE a copy of the pattern & tutorial for the car seat blanket! My best friend is pregnant and the blanket would be the perfect gift for her! Thank you for the giveaway!

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

This is amazing! I would love to have this pattern:)

Carly said...

Definitely need this! It's getting cold in Colorado.

Stevie said...

So excited to make this for my niece/nephew who is on their way soon, it's getting cold in Utah!

B-Fab said...

I can't wait to try this!!!

Tanya said...

Doh! One comment too slow! The pattern looks great. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Oh no .. two comments too slow! The pattern looks wonderful though - what a great idea!

Traci said...

I have purchased the pattern and can't wait to try it! I am just wondering where you get your BEAUTIFUL fabric from or is there a certain "brand" you LOVE!?! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi Traci!
Pretty much all of the fabric in this post is from Amy Butler. {Its from her older lines.}

I also love micheal miller & heather bailey. {Both are fabric designers.} If you don't have quilt shop or fabric store that sells designer fabric you can always find it on Etsy!

Hope that helps!

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