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{Mini Photo Shoots}
Just thought you might like to get a peek of what I did last weekend.  I actually took a heart pounding step out of my comfort zone and just went for it.    {If you haven't had that uneasy feeling for while I highly recommend it.  I'm sure I burned a bunch of calories.:)}

My old friend Jess--who I had a blast serving on a church mission with --was kind enough to give me a shot at her family holiday photos.  No pun intended.;)

And how yummy are these two?!  I know. I'm thinking that Aidan will need a playdate with this little guy very, very soon.

Hopefully Jess won't mind that I post a few of my favorites.  I love them.

Super yummy.


{Paula's Fam}
And another friend from my "20's" also let me take her family's pictures.  So fun!

{Holiday Cards}
Coming soon...
The best {and cheapest}way to send your holiday greeings!  Just a little idea I have...;)


Erica {B is for Boy} said...

These are really good! You are very gifted- if I lived in your area I would be knocking on your door to take my family pics!

-Trashy Betty- said...

Oh my gawwwshhhhhhh there are awesome!!! :) I love them!!! What camara are you using, might I ask??

The Blandon's said...

Em they are great, but I have always thought that you take great pictures!!!

Donna@My Sweet Things said...

What a beautiful set! The colors are rich and the poses you set up are terrific. Great job!!

Janette said...

you did awesome! I am going to have to do some fam pics for my hubbies family and I am already sweeting bullets. Any big tips?

Jessica said...

LOVE them! Thank you so much! You are so talented.

Dawn said...

Beautiful! I'm glad you decided to do it! Maybe you should take a little trip to Vegas so you can do our pictures :)

Jenn said...

These are great!

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