Like brother, like brother

Aidan's new passtime=Trains.
Amidst the teething, car seats, and shopping cart restraints Aidan has found a simple joy in his little life. Trains. I thought my "train days" were over once Ethan started having new interests...but boy was I wrong! Looks like we'll be back at the zoo for the little train ride over & over & over again.

{Once Ethan rode the train 4 times in a row & then they gave us a free ride! It was a cold, rainy day, and we were the only ones on the train -and probably at the zoo- and we just kept going around.}

Ethan LOVED trains when he was around Aidan's age. Now that those tracks are back out of the toy closet, he can claims that he still does. Here are Ethan and Trey when they were just a few month older than Aidan is now...

I think Trey was trying to smile for the picture...

And Ethan was definitely trying to smile for this one...

Looks like we'll be "choo choo"ing again for a while!

And aren't these jammies so great?! I forgot to pack Aidan's pj's on our little trip last week and I picked these up at Target on sale. My Dad said he looks like a jail bird, but I think they're sweet.

All aboard!


Tanya said...

wow that brought back some memories! i remember you picking up ethan's first little train set at the kmart by our house! love the photo's!

cArLa said...

how cute! and those jammies are adorable... my son, dom, loves trains... i'll make sure to show him your photos later.

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