Preview: Clutch "Diaper Pocket" Pad

Inspired by the less than clean changing tables in public restrooms, let me introduce you one of the most useful projects created for our vacation {drum roll please}...

I call it: The Clutch "Diaper Pocket" Pad.


As we were preparing for our family trip I was disgusted at the thought of all the changing tables we'd potentially have to use while traveling: airports, amusement parks, restaurants, the list goes on!

I wanted something that I could just throw into the wash {instead of just wipe off}, something that would fit in my backpack, something that would easily hold a diaper and wipes, and something I could hand to Bob and he wouldn't be embarrassed to have it in his hand!;)

I didn't think it was really that cool. I mean, there are a million changing pads out there. But Tanya {yes, her again} and her sister Chelsea convinced me otherwise. This project is even easier than the owl and it so functional. {I used it behind the bushes at Legoland when the closest bathroom wasn't so close.:)}

I have to apologize though, I thought the pattern and tutorial would be ready by tonight its not quite ready yet. But that's actually good you have more time to start picking out your material to make the changing pad!

{For a Larger "Toddler" size pad you'll need 2 16X28" pieces of fabric {one for the inside and for the outside} and for the Infant size pad you'll need 2 14X22" pieces. Both will also need a piece of fabric for the pocket: 16X8" for the larger pad & 14X8" for the smaller pad.}

And I promise, I'll have the pattern and tutorial up ASAP!:)

{Grandpa's Faves}

And you thought the pictures from our trip over! Not yet!

It was such a blessing having my dad show up and join us on our trip! I picked a few pictures I thought would show his favorite part of the trip: His Grandkids!

+Emily Ashby


Anita said...

I'm breathlessly awaiting this pattern! (And I just got my first sewing machine last summer, by the way... Up till now I've only done Halloween costumes and aprons, and I can SO relate to the store-bought pattern angst. I don't even try anymore.)

Mrs. S. said...

SO excited for this one. I have been making my sister in law tons of baby goodies for my impending niece. I'd love to add this in the mix.

Hernandez Family said...

Funny, I was just thinking the other day how dirty my changing pad was getting. Too excited for this pattern!

metal mama said...

awesome pictures of your family :)

Janeen said...

Hey your idea turned out great! You inspire me with all of your creativity. Keep up the good work.

Crystal said...

That is such a great idea. We have a few trips coming up and it would come in handy. I can't wait to see how you made it.

Candy said...

O gosh i need something exactly like that - i totally hear u. Dont want to just wipe something off. Cant wait til the tutorial is up!
p.s. Cute pics!!

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