"CD" Pocket Pad Take2 & Green Day

{Lovin' em?}

Hey you! How are your new Clutch Diaper Pocket changing pads coming along? I hope you are having fun making them!

{But if not that's okay, there are still a few left in my Etsy shop.}

{Stuff that bad boy!}

Since my last post I've been encouraged {thx T} to show how many diapers you can really stuff in to one of these bad boy pockets.

And to keep it real, I'm demonstrating how I really deal with wipes. Those plastic containers for wipes are cute, but I always seem to forget to refill them and often need more wipes---So, truth be told...I love the resealable "refills".

And look at how well this pocket does! I stuffed three {4 diapers fit too} size 5 diapers in there plus the wipes...that's what I'm talkin' about!

And although its a tight fit, I think it the Clutch Pocket Pad still looks pretty darn good!:)

{Questions Answered}

I was also asked a few questions about the pad, so here are my answers!

Question #1: What are the dimensions of the changing pad so that I won't have to print out the pattern?

For a Larger "Toddler" size pad you'll need 2 16X28" pieces of fabric {one for the inside and for the outside} and for the Infant size pad you'll need 2 14X22" pieces. Both will also need a piece of fabric for the pocket: 16X9" for the larger pad & 14X9" for the smaller pad.

{And I had to show you this cute new Riley Blake fabric I used to make a CP. Cute boy fabric can be really hard to find! But look how fun this is!}

Question #2: Does the pad covered the entire changing table?

The answer is no {a blanket or crib sheet might though}, but if you want to add some inches to make it bigger you should go for it! {Just be sure to adjust the velcro if you make it longer.}

My main objective was to create something compact, easy to use, and that would keep my baby's head and tail off of those nasty tables...or ground, or carpet, or park bench, etc.;)

Question #3: Who won the drawing?

Janette and Mallorey!! Congrats! Just email me your shipping address and we'll get your babies a cute Clutch Diaper Pocket Changing Pad!:) {toadstreasures@gmail.com}

Great questions...and please let me know if you have any more!

{Leaf Clover Day}

A certain 5 year old in our home LOVES St. Patricks Day--although to him it is officially "Leaf Clover Day". He's been practicing wearing green {his favorite color} for a week now, & was ready for the big day. This morning he was loving the cheesy shirt his wild woman of a mom made for him...

His brother also liked his little shirt, but it really ended up being a "little" tight fitting.

And about this pinching thing. I don't think any 19 month old in the world cares what day it is when they decide to "get" someone,

or sport an attitude! {Heaven help us!}

But we hope your green day has been a good one,

and if not, go treat yourself to a fun, yummy greenish treat!;) Happy "Leaf Clover" Day!


metal mama said...

the shirts are super cute :)

Janette said...

What!!!!! Get out of town!!! I actually won a drawing. Yeah! I'm so excited to get one of these!!! Thanks Em.

Janette said...

Sorry I got so excited I forgot to give my email. . Nettnate@msn.com.

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