Flower Cookie Bouquet {the 411}

{Flower Cookie Bouquet}

Hello! For those of you who missed this post during the "Sporatic Spotlight" over at Crystal's Craft Spot on Monday here you go! And if you haven't visited her blog lately she is sweet gal and she's having several guest post each day for this whole week! I just checked it out and there is a TON of great ideas from ALOT of great bloggers!

Okay, this is a little late notice...sorry! I just got back into town after playing with my parents {visiting us from Oregon} so I'm a bit out of it. {And you know me-- the pictures will be coming!;)}

Anyway! This one would be a great centerpiece on any table {Easter dinner?} or as a sweet little gift for a friend or neighbor.

{Make Circle Sugar Cookies}

First you have to grab your favorite sugar cookie recipe and make a nice, fresh batch of dough. If you don't have a recipe or just want a REALLY good one here's the link {scroll down in the post to find it} to the one I use. I LOVE it...well, except when I'm trying to lose a few pounds.;)

While your dough is chilling {or baking}, let's make your sticker flowers! This is the size of label I used to make my flowers. If you decide to download the ones I made {please feel free to!!} the you will get 12 pretty little flowers.

Now download, print, and cut out your flowers...

Nice work!

Now pull that dough out of the fridge, roll it out, and cut it in a circle shape...
{I just used a kitchen drinking cup--it was the closest I had to the size of the stickers. I'm all about just making it happen with what you have!}

This next part has several options. You could use popsicle sticks, toothpicks {for tiny little cookies}, or anything else you may have. I opted for the wood skewers.

Now just squiggle that "stick" into the center of the cookie from the bottom as shown below. Just make sure that the stick is in the middle of the dough so it will stay in the cookie once its baked.

MMM, love that smell! We'll just let these little guys cool for a while...

Once they are cool, just put a nice royal icing on them. Using this type of icing keeps the frosting from sticking to the wrapping. Need a recipe? Here the one I used.

Optional: Cut around the Edges

This next step is optional. If you were lucky enough to have a cookie cutter that made the cookies the size you wanted then you don't need to cut around the edges.

Cutting around the edges just a allows for more control over how your flower will look...

Time to wrap! All you need is some clear wrapping to put around the cookies...once again, I always just try to use what I have on hand, and this time it was some leftover clear party bags:

I just cut it open and then wrapped that cookie right up!

Tie the wrap {so it won't come off} and put your cute little sticker on it!

Here's your chance to be the florist you always wanted to be. Flower arranging has never been so EASY, FUN, or YUMMY!:) If you missed my post about planting grass and would like your flowers to be in home-planted grass here you go! Otherwise--look around your house and find something fun to use! Maybe a vase, or that green sponge stuff that florist use, or just tie a few flower cookies together and make a "cut" bouquet!:)

Tah Dah! Don't you just love Spring...and cookies?! Happy Easter!!


Donna@My Sweet Things said...

This is such a cute idea! I like the flower stickers as a decoration added to the bag. I see more often where the cookie itself has more icing for decoration. That can lead to much more sugar overload. lol
These look perfect!

Tanya said...

holy yummy!

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