Thai Restaurant Review

If you like Thai food you'll love my new blog post!

For those of you who don't husband Bob loves Thai food. (He served his mission in Thailand.) Since discovering that Salt Lake has more Thai restaurants than I ever imagined I thought it would be fun to try & go to them all & then report our findings! (Which Bob was very excited about.:)

Tonight we started with
Sawadee Thai Restaurant (754 East South Temple St.)

Scale: 1-5 (1=poor, 5=amazing)

Atmosphere: 5- Loved the cozy feel, classy Thai decorations (not just posters & dusty relics), & subtle romantic lighting.

Service: 5+- The staff was friendly,knowlegable, spoke Thai (Bob loves that) & the food came out fast!!

Food: 4- Bob said it was good Thai American. "Very Bangkokish" (Whatever that means...only Marge will really know)

Fish: 0- This is Ethan's department. He will judge the fish tanks. However, there weren't any tonight...sorry Ethan!

Sticky rice is great for the kids (or nursing/pumping moms:). Ethan loves to make balls out of it...even little rice snowmen. I love it because it also serves as entertainment for Ethan.

I usually have to get something mild & like Satay...little grilled chicken or beef on a stick. And wide-eyed Aidan appreciates the non-spicy food later.:)

Overall review: I was a little worried that it may be a little too nice for a family meal when the picture online had people in dresses & ties drinking wine. (So I called & they said it was for families...of course:) Ethan & Aidan were the only kids in the whole restaurant, but no one seemed to mind. (And the boys were actually really good...thank goodness!) I think this place will be hard to beat!

On scale of 1-5...We give it a 4 (leaving room for others to top it...although I think it will be hard to find anything better for the price!)

Tonight we are thankful for:
Ethan: He's in bed.
Emily: Friends that call & want to do fun things!(Thanks for calling this morning Heather!)
Bob: Thai food.

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