Thai Restaurant Review #2

So here it is!

Last night for our next visit to a Thai restaurant we hit
Thai Lotus.
212 East 500 South

Scale: 1-5 (1=poor, 5=amazing)

Atmosphere: 5- More of an "Eson" (traditionally found in Northeastern Thailand)style decor. Very clean with great little Thai art & decorations in good taste.

Service: 5 - The service was great & they even gave us each a free little dessert to try...I think it was a Lotus custard.

Food: 4- Traditional authentic Thai...found in the Northeastern terrority. Not as spicy as Bob likes, but the details like fish sauces were good. I loved the cream cheese crab appetizer & it was a great deal at $3.95 for 8!

Fish: 0- This is Ethan's department. Unfortunately there weren't any tonight...sorry Ethan!

Overall review: We got there at 5:30ish and we were surprised that we were the only ones eating in the restaurant until about 6. (Which is great when we have the littles with us!:) Bob really liked this one...even better than last week because it was more authentic. I liked last week better because of the cozy, classy feel, but the satay was good here too. Ethan loved looking at all of the little Thai "treasures" around the place. I also want to go back when its warm at eat on the tables outside!

On scale of 1-5...4.5

PS If you know of any entirely Thai restaurants we can try let us know!(Not "Asian" or Thai/Japanese, etc.)

Tonight we are thankful for:
Ethan: "Aunt Marge and Stooph"
Emily: "great Christmas gift ideas...(thanks Tan)& my sisters who are so great to my kids!"
Bob:"my wife & that we live in this day & age because we have great technological advances."


Tanya said...

yum! we need to go out to eat!

Siri said...

We love Thaifoon (in the Gateway) downtown. A little pricey ... but so DELICIOUS!! You should try the EVIL JUNGLE PRINCESS dishes. I am no expert though ... what do I know!? I would love to hear what you think ... (review) for that one!! =)

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