Our real Oregon Tree!

I stood with tears in my eyes as I saw the tag on the tree that said, "Sublimity, Oreogn". As we bought the tree the clerk said it was cut 3 days earlier. Sublimity is 5 minutes from where I grew up & in the area we would go to pick out a Christmas tree each year. Since these types of tree farms are hard to come by in Utah we consented to going to the "Christmas Store" aka Lowes to get our tree. (Our Christmas Stores are pretty much any store with a little Christmas village, lights, and fun decor to look at!:) Aunt Stooph in all her wisdom picked the biggest, fattest, best tree ever. I think this will be a good Christmas!

PS Check back soon for more pictures to come of our "tree lighting" & decorating. The smell of a fresh tree can't be beat!


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Tanya said...

oh wow it was more than i could have hoped for. love that tree in stoophs car. love stoophs hat. love ethan loving getting that tree at the christmas store.

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