The Babe, Tadpoles, & Cookies

My mom got Aidan this shirt..."Sleep is for the Weak".
I admit it, I'm weak.

Ethan: "Mom, these tadpoles can get the bad guys."
Me: "What tadpoles?"
Ethan: "These ones." (This is a cannonball that goes to the castle he got for his birthday-I guess he thought they were called tadpoles.)

Ethan loves to make cookies. He gets in the best mood everytime the cookie cutters come out. Unfortunately I love to eat them!!:)

Today's thanksgiving:

Emily: I'm thankful for Bob when he watches the kids so I can go workout. (My goal is to run a 5K in two will be a slow one with this postpardum body of mine so pray that I make it.)
Bob: I'm grateful for how great Emily is with the kids. (Nice one Bob):)


Janette said...

You are so festive making fall looking sugar cookies. what a cute little shirt on the cutest baby. Ethan cracks me up (he is at such a fun stage)

Tanya said...

cute cute picture of little man! love the sugar cookies. i really want to eat one!

henline crew said...

I love it, you have the cutest little guys Emily. You will do great in your 5k.

Hendricksonblog said...

Im weak too.
Very, very weak.
Thanks for taking good care of me.
BTW in your last post Ethan still has a smile in his eyes even if he is frowning.

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