I've been tagged...

So, since its my 33rd birthday this month I thought I'd reflect a little and actually do one of these "tags".

Ten years ago...
I came home from my mission to New Jersey!! As I recall the transition was a little less than smooth.:) Then after some "boy" drama in Oregon went back to finish at BYU & teach at the MTC.

Snacks I enjoy...
Anything I can keep down at this point. But when I'm not prego I like almost anything chocolate, "movie" popcorn, strawberries, and my ultimate snack is a bunch of Oregon grown blueberries right off the vine.

Five things on my list...
Clean, Dishes, Laundry, Sleep, Watch my TVO'd "Jon & Kate plus 8". Okay, so my list is never accomplished.:)

If I were a billionaire...
I would start a humanitarian aid project of some sort, live in a beachhouse on a warm beach that won't have any tsunami's, & travel a lot.

Three bad habits:
Not calling people back (Sorry everyone!:)
Procrastinating things
Giving Bob a hard time

Places I've lived...
Seattle (Vashon Island)
New Jersey & New York
Places I've Been...(Not necessarily that I can spell:)
West: Utah,Oregon,Washington,Idaho,Montana,California,Nevada,New Mexico,Colorado, Wyoming
South:Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana
East Coast: Jersey, NY, Boston, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Washington DC, W. Virginia, S. Carolina, Florida
Canada (BC & Alberta)
Mexico (Tijuana, Puerta V, Cancun)
Middle East: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, border of Syria
Europe: England, France, Italy

Things people don't know about me...

I don't really want to answer this because if people don't know them there is probably a reason why!:) I would say that most people (unless they were with me) don't know that I've swam in the Dead Sea. (And it was very salty!)

I tag Tanya since she may be the one only who consistently reads/comments on my blog.:)


Janeen said...

Glad to know i'm not the only one who watches John & Kate- I don't know how that woman does it (I would have a mental episode) By the way, It was great to see you last weekend. Have a happy birthday! Take care!

Tanya said...

you have been to tons of fun places. that was fun to read about you. love that picture of your hair. did you go to the same girl that cut stoophs hair?

. said...

Mmm, blueberries sound delicious. I would have to say that blackberries takes the cake, but I can respect your blueberry choice... :) Love ya

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