Yahoo for another Buckaroo!

Yes, it's a boy! The blog poll turned out to be accurate: Boy=25 Girl=21...well, if you don't count those of you who voted more than once.:) Ethan is definitely happy to have "frother" coming to join our family, although we'll see how he feels about it the end of August! Bob was happy of course...probably to have another little potential football player running around this place.

After I found out that he looked healthy I could actually think about what it meant to be having another boy. Honestly, a bit of relief took over. Its true, girls make me nervous. (Not the baby aspect of girls, but once they start growing!) Too much time in Young Women's I suppose. I'm also looking forward to buying something nice for myself since we won't have to fork out all of the money on girl stuff now. (Please, don't tell Bob.)

I'm 20 weeks and counting!!


Janeen said...

WaaHoo! What'd I win? Oh, I knew it!! Congrats! Just one more to add to the Ashby football team ;)

Hendricksonblog said...

I only voted 5 times "geese" (sixteen candles again)
Congrats and he will have plenty of little boyfriends running around this neighborhood to play with too......Until you move away of course!!!!!!

The Blandon's said...

YAY for another boy!!! Daddy Ashby is probably super excited for another little slugger to have around - and you too of course.

Tanya said...

we can't wait to see that little man!

Angela Baird said...

Hooray for boys! I can truly say that as we have never experienced anything like it (3 girls later...) and hope to hear the same news one day before our childbaring years are over! I hope you are feeling's fun to look through your blog, as it's been a while! Love the superman cape/flying/muscle show, easter egg hunt, and your 5th anniversary slide show almost got me teary...really! Fun to see the great things going on in your life. You are an amazing girl!

Shaffer Clan said...

Hi to the fam.
Emily I always knew you would be out numbered with the guy thing.
I'm happy for you guys. Lets get together. When is the Disneyland trip? I'm taking the grandkids in a few weeks!

Tanya said...

k in three minutes it will be your birthday! so happy birthday!!!!! i really hope it's a good one and you don't have a sick day.

aunt choody said...

Emily, that is such good news! Congratulations!

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