Today's Special Moment

Today I had one of those moments that makes being a mom so great. I was leading the music for the jr. primary (kids ages 3-7) and we were practicing the songs we'll sing on Mother's Day. We were singing "Mother dear I love you so..." and I looked down and in the 2nd row was Ethan. He was belting out the words and pointing to me with his little finger. It was so cute. I smiled and winked at him and he tried to wink back (which is more like a blink). Maybe its just because I'm pregnant and emotional, but he melted my heart.


Janette said...

he has the cutest personality. I would have cried even not being prego!Hey we are having a B-day party for Boston on Sunday. My mom thought you guys might be out of town, just wanted to make sure. Anyway, if you are in town it is at my moms house @ noon.

Jessica said...

So cute! I can totally picture it. You would be the cutest primary chorister, I bet they love you.

Tanya said...

i love that story...and you really are emotional lately...ha...i think it's a mix of the pregnancy and all of the thinking you have been doing about disneyland. it has pushed you over the edge :o)

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