The Shoebox & Stuff

{The ShoeBox}
When a strong willed 3 year old boy gets off the bus after a long, hard day at preschool and wants to check the mail, you let him do it.  And when he opens the mailbox and his own shoe is in there, don't be surprised... 

Especially if its this sweet, spunky little 3 year old boy.

I must say that he never ceases to amaze me. 

And I must admit I did not know the shoe was in there...but he sure did.

  And when I went to take this picture another item was added...

I hope he's sending this one to someone who lives in a cold climate!

I also hope our mailman has a sense of humor. ;)

{Fabric Flowers & the Bachelor}
If the Bachelor is good for one thing, its entertainment while making flowers.  My friend Jenn from the BlueBerry Hill told me how she made these great flowers. She made hers out of felt (& they were super cute), but I just used some plain old white cotton fabric. 

I think this will be one happy Camera Coat.

And you know where to find the tutorial for these no-sew flowers!  Evidently the snow has put me in the mood for white. I think its elegant and pretty.  What do you think?

{My Love}
I couldn't miss the 1st grade Valentine's Day Party.  I giggled my little head off listening and loving every word these sweet kids had to say.  I lead a little game of Valentine's Pictionary...using the Ms. Snow's dry erase board.  Its always fun to use the teacher's stuff!:)

Ethan's little BFF is quite a funny little guy.  I caught them in a little scuffle over candy (or that's what it looked it)...let's hope the scuffle over the girls never comes. :)

I have a huge crush on Ethan.  I love every freckle on his face & sweet thing he says.  And I guess I'm not the only one. 

Ethan: "Mom, at recess a girl at school asked me to be her Valentine."
Me: "What did you say?"
Ethan: "Um, what does that mean?"
Me: "What did she say?"
Ethan: "She said she didn't know, so we just kept on playing."

{Fun Gift}
Need a fun birthday present for a friend? Well, maybe your kids friend...

How fun are these?! Random, I know.  I found them at Lowe's for under $10 & just had to share! 

{Scratches & Chalk}
And now we are back to this funny little man.  Last week when he got off the bus he not only had a scratch across his forehead (his teacher wrote me a note saying he got it while playing "kitty" and ran into a bookshelf...oh Aidan), but a pulled piece of chalk out of his pocket...and he had a mind to use it!

We drew with that little piece of chalk until it wittled away in the wind.  And loved it.

{Snow Please}
Speaking of wind...this has been a weird year for weather here in SLC.  You'd think we'd be up to our ski poles in snow, but no.  Darn it.

However, we DID finally get some snow today!  Cheer! Cheer! 

It wasn't much, but we made due...when Aidan got off the bus, of course.;)

I hope you're having as much fun we are when the bus drives away. And if not, just stick your shoe in the mailbox. 

Yes, that would be fun.:)


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