April Showers bring NO-SEW Flowers!

{Try #2}
So, last summer I tried to make a few fabric flowers for my grandma's shirt.  I thought they were so cute, but I have to admit a bit of work with the need and thread.   {Yes, I'm a quick and dirty crafter...you know how it is...}

Then winter came and flowers were far from my mind. 

Well, until the Tulip Festival.

Because of the lame-o cold weather this spring the tulips struggled just  bit to show off for us.  But when they did...wowsers they were beautiful!

{Rolly Polly}
I'd never been to the Tulip Festival in Utah before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Coming from Oregon I was expecting fields of flowers, but when we got there this was the 1st things the boys saw...

and there was no stopping them. So, I followed them down {hauling the stroller of course} and missed most of the flowers planted along the mountain.  But since no one really wanted to hike back up the hill we just keep exploring.  And don't worry...there were plenty of gorgeous flowers {and a beautiful bride} to see.

{Pictured: Our friends Anlie, Emma, & you know Ethan}

{Flowers Wanted}
Inspired by these amazing works of nature I took my hot glue gun and just went for it.  Who can have enough flowers around, right?

These are not new, and I'm sure most of you have made a million of these so you can just skip along to your next blog if you'd like.  It won't hurt my feelings...I promise.  But if you'd like to see what I did with these fun twists of fabric...

{Anne of Green Gables}
A broach.  Strike memories of Marilla or Cherry Cordila? {Neither of which I can spell!:)}

Well, I thought these little flowers might make a pretty broach {especially for some loved ones}, and if you're interested how I did it just grab some fabric, a hot glue gun, some stiff felt, and something like this to clip those pretty little flowers on with...

As for the fabric, just cut it into strip about 6-8 inches long and 1 1/2 inch wide.  Now, this is a no sew project so don't worry about a little frayed edge or too...shabby is totally cute.;)

Fold the fabric over a few times.

I took an iron to mine just to make it easier to twist...

Now try this...pinch, turn, twist, turn, pinch, turn...blah, blah, blah...

If you can't get it don't worry...just make it up.  That's what I did anyway.;)

Now hold it down...don't let go or you'll be re-rolling, believe me!

Grab that glue gun and put it together the best you can without burning your fingers...

Make a few more flowers and glue them right by each other. I think they like it better than being alone.

Once all that hot glue is cooled off cut around the flowers.

And hot glue that little attachment pin to the back...

And there you have it!

You know your grandma would love one.  Or maybe you can just put the flowers on a headband or clip for your hair...or maybe pin them onto a cute new bag!

{I'm a bag makin' fool lately.  This is my new sewing discovery...the cute & perfect side saddle purse bag...my sisters traveling in Thailand right now both wanted one {after they saw the one I made for our family trip--which I'm loving!} so I've making them and they're my new "project of the moment"!  I just made it up, but I'm thinkin' a tutorial might be in the works...;)}

And which flower do I like best?  I think you know.

May you all be flower loving fools.

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Daisha said...

I just made some of these a few days ago to add to my daughters church sweater. I like the idea of gluing them to the felt and making it as a pin. I hand-stitched hers on but might just take them off and do the felt thing.
Very cute!

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