Love It

{Paper Coterie}
I love it. This sweet little photo website {Paper Coterie} is stock full of little gems.  Using a nice discount (they have them often) this awesome vinyl sticker picture poster turned out to be a great gift for good old mom and dad. 

Yes, yet another vday idea thrown into the fully saturated crafty blog arena of Valentine's Day posts!:) I think that this must be the creative mecca of a holiday...;)

{Sidebar: The website HowDoesShe? has a coupon code for $30 of free Paper Coterie goods! Can't wait to place my order!  Oh, and no one is tellling to say this stuff...I just really like it.}

Now, I have to admit when I ordered it I didn't know it was sticker poster!  But when I realized it, this great new cotton laminate popped right into my head and I just went for it.

Happy Valentine's Day Mom and Dad! We love you!

{Love 'Em}
February 2012.  Here we are. Not sure how or why time flies so fast, but there's no stopping it. 

So here's to this day full of love & to loving the simple things in life.

Love it.



Strictly Sewing said...

You are right about the many ideas in blog world for V-day but this is original!!! I really like it! Thank you for sharing.

Janas Bananas said...

I loved that idea, even when I see good ideas I can't even put things together. I am not sure how the creative gene skipped over me but it skipped real good!! It seems my daughters have it though which is good, they can make things for me now since my moms creative brain is no longer with us. She always had great ideas.

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