Booklet of Love

{Booklet of Love}
Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about romance!  If fact, a mirad (is that how you spell it?!) of us have been without a valentine longer than we have with one!

Teaching the kids to see the good in and learn to love others is a great goal all year, but it can be especially fun in February!  So goes this little booklet...

If you're not into football, corral the kids on Sunday and make a few of these!  I'm sure someone will "LOVE" them.:)

Note: I didn't mandate Ethan to make this one, it was totally his choice.;)

A peak...

wondering what Ethan loves about me?  Well, here you go.

I'm a good cuddler...

and sword fighter.  Its great to be appreciated.;)

{The Skinny}
Here's the download! Sweet and simple. Just like we love it.

And off you go.  Hope you LOVE it.;)


aunt choody said...

I love this! So simple, but so awesome!

Megan Marie said...

really cute!!!

Unknown said...

Oh do you have one for 2013? That would be wonderful! Thanks

Unknown said...

oh do you have one for 2013? this is great! i'm a nanny and i'd love to do this with my kiddos! thanks!

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