Harry Potter Birthday Party

{Magical Memory}
You are really lucky to be a wizard especially if your mom is only a muggle. And I bet every muggle mom who has a little wizard turning 7 wishes for magical powers.  At least I do.

But since I don't have a wand, I just use Photoshop Elements and make sure to have an outdoor party.  It just makes them more magical...or in other words...easier.;)   

{Party Prep}
This is where its at.  Thank-you dollar store.  And here's a behind the scenes look at what we did before the little witches and wizards arrived...

Our little business wizard.  He named the place himself. Once his shop was set up we were 1/2 way finished.

{Magic Money}
And here is the currency of the party.  It was ready to be distributed to the kids as they "earned" it for things like...showing up, participating in the activities, and finding snakes and eyeballs (which will make more sense in a minute).

This was way easier than it looks...

Just bake the cake in bread pans, line up the cakes, and frost them.  I used 2 cake mixes and store bought frosting.  I love that frosting.;)

Stickers rock.  They are so easy and add so much. I found this darling Harry Potter clipart on Etsy in a shop called DigiMyWorld ($5.99) and then printed them out onto sticker (or label) paper. 

Note: That shop has some super cute stuff if you ever need anything!

Fizzy drink mix via Target ($4.99).  It was a hit...all colored and bubbly. 

Tip: Next time I would just buy Sprite and use the sugar Kool-Aid mix. I think it would be about the same.

Forgive me for the next few pictures...I love these little characters!:)

Potion Prep...simple.  I just grabbed some empty little Costco water bottles and filled them with white vinegar.  The cups had a bit of food coloring and baking soda. 

The oldest and best science experiment magic trick in the world...

Troll Snot.  Gak.  Gross and gooey...One part glue to one part liquid starch.  Add food coloring or glitter for effect.  Once again easy, gross, and fun. 

{And It Began...}
With Harry Potter theme music blasting, the kids arrived one by one and received their black sidesaddle bag.  They were asked to wear it because they needed it to put their wands, prizes, magic money, and other treasures into throughout the party. 

While waiting for everyone to arrive we found wands and make broomsticks.   (Remember my last post? Yep! That's the one!)

Then the Potions Class.  We were lucky to have my sister (who got some of the families magical abilities) to teach this class...

Thanks Marge! Your potions were amazing.

{Troll Snot}
After potions we moved right into Troll Snot.  Yes, that's right.  Sometime they sneeze on the trees in the back and this is what we get.  Note: This is not for people with weak stomachs.;)

{Sing It!}
Magical sparks were shooting out of this wand as we sang...fortunately this little wizard had the spell to put them out!

{Warming Up}

Its true, my husband is a wizard.  He got it from his father who is also very gifted.  It sure came in handy at the party as he "wowwed" the kids with his card trick he perpformed! (Don't tell anyone that he learned how to do off of UTube the night before.)

{The Hunt}
For every eyeball or snake they found they could trade it for "magic money" to spend at Ethan's Prize Shop.  Wouldn't you be running too?:)

{Great Day}
And when it was through we had some happy little wizards and witches.

And one happy muggle mom.

{Magical Movement}
And as for the little brother Aidan, he had quite the party too.   After swallowing a 1" screw on Thursday afternoon (yes, a screw...the xray confirmed it) he expelled it during Ethan's birthday party in a "special gift" in his britches.

Our prayers were answered as the Lord truly looked out for him during the ordeal.  There could have been some serious complications, but we are so blessed and grateful there weren't. 

And yes, I am making him pay us back for the visit to the Urgent Care when he makes it big someday.;)

{The Muggle}
Our father is a wizard and mother is a muggle.  In fact, have you heard of Bill the Magnificant?  Yep that's him.  For more you can see this post from our family reunion this summer.;)

I am a muggle, but my younger sister-who may now be called a witch-- truly worked some magic at this party.  Thanks again for all of your help Marge!

Picture taken today by Ethan ...

And as for our little wizard...

Happy 7th Birthday!  We love you!

Mom, Dad, & Aidan


Dawn said...

So cute! What a creative mom!

Anonymous said...

Love this party idea! You really did a great job with creating so many details! Thanks for sharing this.

Hallie said...

What an awesome party!!! I love it!!

Creating Anniething said...

Absolutely LOVED reading the story of the magical day for your son! Thank you for sending me the link and I am glad the clipart images were easy for you to work with! I loved the Prize Store... and truth be told.. I am a muggle that wishes she lived in Harry's World. I would give ANYTHING to have that spell that cleaned up the house in a jiffy! Thanks for sharing!!

Debbie Snow said...

I followed your link from Mrs. Lee's blog. Oh! That has to be the cutest birthday party I have ever seen. And with darling photos of our first graders! Now that I know you are so creative and techie.. watch out.....

Akela Joy said...

Absolutely awesome! I really have enjoyed reading your post and seeing all the hard work you put into making the perfect potter party!

Anonymous said...

This is adorable and incredibly creative. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and have a dog named after Dumbledore.

Anonymous said...

Can you share the harry potter cartoon images?

Andrea, said...

Your party is great! My daughter will be 6 and my son will be 4 and they want a Harry Potter party this year (their birthdays are 2 weeks apart so we just combine.) I love your troll snot and the fizzy drink potions class. Where did you get your clip art?

mackyton said...

Quite an adorable Harry Potter Birthday party! Thanks a lot for these party pictures. This is my nephew’s favorite party theme. He gets so excited in Harry Potter parties and we are also thinking to arrange it on his upcoming birthday. Looking for some good venues in Chicago and if got one, will do other planning.

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