Make A Broom!

{A Witch Craft ;)}

We are in preparation mode.  The theme for this year's birthday party: Harry Potter.
The budget: Not so much.
The good news: When you're turning 7 all that matters is having fun. :)

{The Broomstick}
Whether you're a witch that needs a new flying machine, or a muggle looking for some holiday decor this is a simple, fast, fabulous little craft. 

Now go for a little walk and start collecting some sticks!:)


And if you are so inclined, grab your wand...

and off you go!

{Its here!}
Don't worry, more Harry Potter, and fall fun will be coming...but I had to share one last thing with you:

And the winner of a Camera Coat giveaway is the Rafahi Family! Congrats! 

And wish us luck with the party this weekend! Have you guys have a great weekend.

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