Look out Harry Potter

{BA in Magic}
Introducing Bill the Magnificant.  Trained at Hogworts by Dumbledore himself, this gifted guy has been performing little magic shows as long as I can remember. 

Grandpa's 95th birthday was the perfect venue for this performance.  This wizard {aka Dad} kept us baffled...although he never ceases to baffle us in some aspects of "real life" too...;)

The kids were dazed, amazed, and somewhat confused at the tricks...

but I think everyone enjoyed the entertainment!

If you don't believe me, take a took as his beautiful assist on Bill's right {aka Mom}...I think her face tells it all.;)

Several people commented how good this witch's hat looked on me.  Hmm.  I'm still not sure I should take that as a compliment.;)

That night as I was tucking Ethan in bed we were talking about the fun day we had.  Just as my dad walked into the room Ethan said, "Mom, I didn't know we had a wizard in the family!" 

Not sure if my mom is a witch or not, but just in case you are wondering...I'm a true blood muggle. ;)

And if you've read the past few posts about the reunion, you may be waiting to guess which guys were my brothers...

Here you go. 

Starting on the left...Matt, Travis {Trey and Lucy's Dad}, and Peter.  Did you guess right? 

{Oldest and Bestest}
Its only taken a month+ to get most of my pictures from this grand party up.  Thanks for hanging in there.  Hopefully you've been at least semi inspired to try something new or fun at your next family event!

The good old egg toss.  Probably one of the oldest, cheapest, and greatest events in the world...and it was one of my personal favorites.  I loved it not just because it made for great pictures, but it involved so many people and they all had such a great time {or at least they looked like it!}. 

Sidebar: Stellar Inspirational T-shirt Idea

Check out his great shirt cute Camille had on. 

Front:  "Get in the Game 2011"

Back: "Who's on the Lord's side who?"

Love it.

Had enough eggs?:) 

So, I've outdone myself sharing this family event...now let's hear from you.

What has been your favorite activity at a family reunion?

Can't wait to hear! Hopefully someone will leave a comment...;)


Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

What great pictures!

My favorite memory is of a sunflower seed eating contest... go ahead, laugh. I guess you had to be there :)

Unknown said...

Love it Pati!

Laura said...

Love Love Love! I really enjoyed these reunion posts! It was so fun to be there! Your pictures and words did such a great job of celebrating it for me. Thanks! Also the photo book you made of Grandpa is just amazing. Even my kids have spent a ton of time reading it and looking at the pictures.
Love you Emily! Come visit!

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