"Welcome Summer" Party and Printables

{Hello Sunshine!}
Ah, finally...school is out and we are heading toward those hot, dry summer days of the mountain west. 

A certain recent kindergarten grad and I decide we should celebrate!  He had a GREAT year and I had a great time as a "mom-helper" in this classroom once a week.  There is nothing like hugs from kids, funny comments, and being told that I was loved by a certain student more than my own child.  Kindergarten is the best. 

So I whipped up a few little printables, sent out some invites, and went for it. 

Click here for this one:

{Bottle Love}
 Yes, one of my favorite ways to add a little fun to any get-together.

Click here to print these water bottle labels:

Here's my how-to...

PS Using a glue stick was totally Ethan's idea...and I liked it.  My usual stand by--tape--will work too. ;)

{Easy Fun}

Sponges are AWESOME for water fights...you can totally throw them at people, drench them, and not even get into trouble!:)

Yeah, water fights rule.

{Big Balloons}
We also discovered that regular balloons make for fun ...and funny...times!

{Seasonal Event}
And when it was over our little scholar decided we should have a party to welcome every season. :)

And maybe we will.  Love you kid-o. 


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Jenn said...

wow. best mom ever award.

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