Las Vegas "G" Style

{Super Vinyl}
Before I get back to my "Family Mania" and "What does a Mormon gal and her two boys do in Vegas?" I just have to show you this.  My sweet friend Janette got super creative and used vinyl for her little guy's super-hero birthday party! 

Capes, plates, windows, and who knows what else. 

So cute, I know.  Hope she doesn't mind that I stole these pictures from her cutey, fun blog called "My Creative Intent" .  Her blogs are hidden little gems that I love to visit and just sit, smile, & enjoy...sorry Net, now the word is out!:)

PS  She's got an eye.  Visit her photo-blog and you'll be sucked in for sure.

{No Joke}
So, a guy walks into a bar...  Um, I mean...  A Mormon mom packs up her boys and heads to Vegas...

I knew we would have the time of our lives or it would be a total wreck. 

So, I put on Faith Hill's "Hey baby let's go to Vegas" and just went for it.  The ride was long, but not bad...the weather was dreamy, and believe it or not, we had a ball! 

A bit crazy?  For sure.  Wonder how I pulled it off? 

{The Bay}
Valet.  Bell-Hop.  My stroller.  Couldn't have done it without them. 

After many late nights researching I found the most "family-friendly" pool...

complete with a sandy beach. 

Hours of fun...check!

{The Room}
Mid-week prices rock.

So does a huge tub and a TV in the bathroom. 

M&M store...check.
As we drove past the cactus and finally came into Vegas I wanted to "prep" Ethan for some of the craziness that we may encounter.  After explaining about some "not so great" choices people sometimes make, I told him that some people call it "The city that never sleeps."  He {of course} states, "I'm not ever going to sleep." 

People watching and NY, NY gazing...check.
{Don't think the guy on the left wanted to be in my picture...come on dude!;)}

Monorail and train rides...back and forth...back and forth...back and forth...literally hours of fun and containment.;)

Some nice older fellow from Canada asked me how it is with 2 kids in Vegas.  I realized that ---like most of life---its all about the experience and what you want to get out of it.  I love that my boys got to sniff the "city"smell, hear the cabs honking, see and meet people from all over the world that they may not be used to, and understand that not everyone lives like we do.   {Especially because we live in a great, but pretty sheltered community.}  

We were smart about it, and it worked out...thank goodness!:)

Ethan mastered the elevator.  He would stand against the door {so it wouldn't shut} until I could manuver the stroller inside.  Then the boys would fight over who got to push the button. 

The buffets were a dream come true for all of us.  Bed jumping was at an all-time high.

Did we have our moments?  You better believe it.  At one point I gave Aidan his "forbidden binkie" in the packed elevator after he started screaming.  {It was check out time and we had waited to get in for about 20 minutes and once we were in it took another 10 minutes to get down.} The door opened and someone knocked it out, but before Aidan could yell at us a nice guy quickly picked it up and handed it to him. 

Thank goodness for stroller straps. 

So... no drinking, gambling, or crazy nights.  At the end of each day we came in, ordered room service & a movie, and called it a night when most people were just getting started...and it was a great time for all.

Then Bob flew in and we headed on to California.

{Onto Cali} 

Viva Las Vegas! Viva Swimming! Viva Janette!:)

And may your next adventure be full of exciting new experiences. 
Love, Your wild Toad


Janette said...

ha ha! you are too sweet to post this.
LOVE your post about Vegas and loved seeing you guys. We miss you...

The Royals said...

We stayed at the Hilton last time we went. But we went in June and it was crazy! Looks like you had a great time!

Dawn said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I'm still bummed that we missed you :(

Anonymous said...

I Love Mandalay Bay!! I am glad that you and your boys had fun. That gives me hope that when we get to take our kids that there is actually family friendly things to do, even from an LDS perspective.

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