"Fill In" Father's Day Coupon Book Printable

Alright all of you deal stealers out there, grab those 3 ring extreme couponing binders--I've got a deal for you!  Okay, maybe you don't need your binder, but you may be happy to have this FREE Father's Day printable!:)

Just print, cut, staple, and add your own coupons!

Or if you want to be super sweet just let Dad fill in the coupon himself...with what he really wants. 

{I know, how thoughtful was that...}

Click Here:

Ever wonder why they say don't run at the pool?  We sure know now...

Ever wonder what my dad AKA Grandpa Smith looks like as a pirate? 

{Actually, facebook will not leave you guessing.;)  I pretty sure its still is profile picture is him dressed in some pretty piratey garb since he doesn't know how to change it.  Hey there Dad ye' ole matey...maybe I can help you change that when I come in a few weeks!:)}

Ever wonder what Aidan loves more than food, sleep, or running from his mother?

I guess that's enough pondering for now.  Its time to get those bored kids busy making their Dad's a coupon book! 


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a having a cute Father's day coupon book! I linked to your post in my blog check it out if you like. http://www.fabulousdailydeals.com/2011/06/under-construction-saturday-craft.html

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